Truman Chipotle presents

Date: Sunday June 11th 2017
Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm

NEW MONTH! NEW SHOW! We got a super LEGIT line-up, so come join us for this VERY COOL and FUN COMEDY SHOW

Stand Up from special guest Nour Hadidi
Musical Comedy from Flo & Joan

Improv from:

Grim Diesel
and Truman Chipotle

$10 | $5 for Students

TRUMAN CHIPOTLE is a house team from the Assembly Improv Collective. Truman Chipotle are purveyors of Big Fancy Parties, Slopfests and everything in between. Inspired by an ever changing world, they explore improvised universes crafted by repressed memories, regrets, and reality television.


BUSH PARTY - Aug 17 8:00pm THE MERRY JANES OF COMEDY - Aug 18 10:00pm SUMMER STRIKES - Aug 18 10:30pm